Remote & Live Reiki Plus Energy Healing

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Reiki is the a Japanese technique of using life force universal energies for promotion of well-being, deep relaxation and stress reduction.  It is simple and gentle. Reiki can do no harm.  It is intelligently guided and goes to the areas of the person most needed for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  It heals on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic levels as needed.  The Reiki practitioners acts only as a conduit and channel for these energies to work through her/him.  All healing is ultimately self-healing.  The person’s Higher-Self acts and responds in accordance with its specific soul plan and contract for this earthly incarnation and dictates the energetic healing process.

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Please know:

Reiki does not take the place of medical care.  It is done with the intention that it is for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.   Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances or drugs, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical or health care professional.   It is recommended that you always see a licensed physician or a licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.  Reiki can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving.  The body has the ability to heal itself and to do so, complete and total relaxation is often beneficial.  Long term imbalances in the energy body may sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of relaxation needed to energetically heal.

Katibe, Reiki Master, offers TOUCHLESS Reiki Plus sessions for humans and pets. These can be done remotely, where Katibe can beam the Reiki energy to you, a loved one or a pet.

In-Office Reiki Plus Fee

60 min   $150

Remote Reiki Plus Fee

45 min*  $60      30 min. Reiki & 15 min. Phone Follow-up or Transcript

60 min*  $75      45 min. Reiki & 15 min. Phone Follow-up or Transcript

* The time includes a 15 minute “follow up” phone call after the session or a short written transcript of the session.

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The following is done during the Reiki session:

* The energetic space of the session is cleared, protected and the vibration raised. Archangel Michael is called in to protect the space during the Reiki.

* Katibe calls in her and your spiritual team of healing Light Beings, her and your Higher Self,  her Reiki Guides, including Dr. Mikao Usui (founder of Reiki), Archangel Raphael and other Angels of Healing, to aid during the session.  Katibe has a relationship with many etheric healing guides who she has connected with prior that she invites into the session.

* You will have an opportunity to call in your loved ones telepathically to participate in or observe the session is provided.

* An opportunity to telepathically communicate privately with your guides, Divine Source, or whatever term you use and your spiritual healing time will be provided. You can share with them privately your personal requests for healing on specific areas.

* You will have the opportunity to receive specific healings in 2-3 areas on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic levels.  You will have the opportunity to ask for these healings telepathically or you can email Katibe these specific healing requests. Your specific energy healing requests be honored for your  highest good.  She amplifies this with the use of the Reiki power symbol.  These healing requests are ones you verbalize during the Remote Reiki session or ones that you email to Katibe prior to the session.

* The powerful Reiki symbols are used for amplified healing on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual/soul levels.  Also, the Reiki emotional symbol for clearing, protecting and purifying your energetic field is used.  Using the Reiki symbols and as guided, Katibe also does energy work for balancing your yin and yang energies by balancing your left and right sides of your brain.  Your left side of your brain, which is your yang side, your masculine side, is logical & rational and your right side of your brain, which is your yin side, is your female side,  creative, nurturing and expressive.   This allows for more balanced, distributed communication flow and thought processes.  Energy healing of your future self is also done with a Reiki symbol.

* With her intention, Katibe accesses and directs different colors for healing as she is guided.

* Katibe accesses your own blueprint of your perfect energetic matrix, that is located in your energetic field, to overlay and correct any imbalances in your energetic field.

* She does energetic blueprinting by visualizing you as perfect, whole and complete.

* At the end of your session, your aura is filled with healing light and sealed. Your crown chakra is kept open which is necessary for your connection to Divine Wisdom and Truth.

* Katibe also blesses you through the use of the Reiki symbols.

All of this is done with the intention it is for the client’s highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Depending on numerous factors, a person may need multiple Reiki sessions.

It is recommended that a person receive Reiki at least once a month, preferably once a week,  to keep their energetic body attuned.

Please know that Katibe only does that which is for the client’s highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  As a light worker & energy practitioner, she work within the universal laws to avoid possible lower vibrational reactions from the Law of Cause & Effect and the Law of Karma for herself & her client.  Though it has not been revealed to her completely, Katibe senses that perhaps she  did not abide by this universal principles in prior lifetimes and as a result she has learned that lesson the hard way. And now, she fully appreciate & values the importance of doing what is for the highest good of the client and all concerned.

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Remote Reiki Session

Katibe can beam Reiki energy long distance.  You or your pet do not need to be there in person.  This is done with the use of the powerful Reiki symbol for long distance healing.  Remote sessions can be done at a specific planned time with the client, who is not physically there, but is in a meditative state remotely.  However, this is not necessary either. Katibe can perform the Remote Reiki at any conducive time and then follow up  with a schedule 15 min. phone call or a short, written transcript where she shares her psychic observations during the Remote Reiki.

All the steps and energetic healing processes are followed as outlined above. After the session, Katibe will schedule a 15 min. time to call you to discuss and share your experiences. Or you can receive a short transcript by email of Katibe’s psychic observations & perceptions during the session.  Please see below for sample transcripts:

Sample Remote Reiki Transcript Sept 2014

Sample Remote Reiki Transcript Dec 2014

Remote Session Email Instructions

After prepaying for the session, please email Katibe at  and provide the following in the email. This is essential to hold the session. If an email response to below is not received within an hour of your session time, your session will automatically be cancelled and your payment refunded. Thank-you for your understanding in this.

1)  A full body image photo of the person or the pet in a .jpg or .pdf file is preferable but whatever photo you have is adequate.  If a photo is not available, the vibration of the person’s first and last name will be used to focus the Reiki energies.

2)  The person’s first and last names or the pet’s name if the remote Reiki is to be done for a pet.

3) 2-3 specific areas of concern are i.e. forgiveness, anxiety, specific body pain and what location, lack of self-confidence, etc… Katibe acts as an intermediary and will request on your behalf to the healing entities that your areas of concerns be addressed for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  She adds the Reiki power symbol for power to amplify your requests. Pleases keep only 2-3 specific areas. If you include more than that, Katibe will select the first 3 that you list.

4)  Please let Katibe know in the email whether you want the remote session to be done at a specific planned day time or not.  If a time is not specified, Katy will do the remote Reiki session when she is an meditative, relaxed state, usually either in the morning upon waking up or in the evening before bed.

You can be in a meditative state during the session if you select a specific time and date but this is not necessary.

Remote Reiki Session with Live Participation

5) If you want the Remote Reiki done at a specific time and want to participate in it live, Katibe will call you at the start of the session on her teleconference number listed on the Book a Session so that the session can be recorded, barring any technical difficulties,  unless you inform her of another phone preference. Please email her the number you would like to be reached at.

If you pick a phone number that is not the teleconference line, you will then be responsible for recording the remote Reiki session yourself. The phone line can be kept open, & she can share any messages & psychic observations to you over the phone as they come in.  She will follow the Reiki protocol as listed above and guide you through it verbally.  At times, of course, there will be complete silence but work is still being done energetically.

Skype with video is not available during a Remote Reiki due to disruptive, technical issues in past sessions with the video function. It is essential to be in a calm, receptive state not only for the client but for Katibe, the Reiki facilitator, in order for her to clearly receive the psychic perceptions.

Preparing Your Reiki Physical Space for a Remote Reiki Session done with Live Participation

Please make sure you are in a quiet area, away from disruptions for the session.  Wear comfortable loose clothing.  You may want to be a reclined position. Prepare the space you are in. You may want to have relaxing soft music playing in the background, your crystals around you, incense, and oils and candles lit. You may want to put the phone on speaker so you can totally relax. Have your eyes closed.  Make sure you are well-hydrated before the session and have water available next to you to drink immediately after the session.

The session wrap up will be done immediately after the live Remote Reiki. Therefore, it will be automatically recorded as well when the client calls in on the teleconference number.

If a specific time is not specified and the client does NOT want to participate live during it, Katibe will do the remote Reiki session when she is an meditative, relaxed state, usually either in the morning upon waking up or in the evening before bed.

6)  If you do want to participate live in the Remote Reiki session, you can select the option of the “wrap-up”  15 min.  phone call after Katibe completes the session. Katibe will meet you on her teleconference number listed on the Book a Session so that this session can be recorded, barring any technical difficulties.  This can be scheduled on the website calendar by selecting that service.

7) If you select the option of receiving a short written transcript after the Remote Reiki session is completed with Katibe’s psychic observations, this  will be emailed to you within 72 hours of the session. Time is needed for Katibe to compile her psychic perceptions.  Please see below for sample client transcripts:

Sample Remote Reiki Transcript Sept 2014

Sample Remote Reiki Transcript Dec 2014

Remote Sessions on the Behalf of Others & Pets

If you are requesting Reiki on behalf of another or a pet, Katibe will need to obtain permission from their Higher Self first at the time of the session.  If this is not received, she will refund you the session fee.

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During the Reiki Session – What May Be Experienced

All that is required of the client is to embrace and accept the Reiki universal energies.  It is important to release any expectations.   During the session, the client may feel various sensations.  The client may feel energetic sensations such as as movement, warmth, tingling, slight tugging or a lifting, or pressure changes in different parts of their body.  A client may experience kriyas, spontaneous movements, or minor spasms in their body.   The client may sneeze, or their throats get scratchy and want to be cleared.  A client’s eyes may water or their nose starts to run.  The client may also have past memories come up or feel their loved ones in spirits, angels or guides around them.  A client may feel profound joy or want to cry.  Every client’s experience is different.  These are all part of the releasing process and very normal.

Each Reiki session is unique and sensations felt during it may be different.

Some clients notice an immediate difference after and for others it occurs on more subtle energy levels.  Again, please remember that Reiki does not replace professional medical care and a series of treatments may be needed.

Often at the end of the session, the client feels relaxed, peaceful, lighter and with a sense of well-being.

After the Reiki Session

– It is important to stay properly hydrated with water, rest and eat wholesome in the days following the session.

– Directly after the session, you should “lay low”, relax, avoid crowded areas and overstimulation.

– Please be aware that in the days following the Reiki, you may still be “releasing” or “detoxing”.  For a few days after the session, you may experience unusual dreams or memories from your past may surface for release. This is normal and part of the energy healing process.

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Reiki Session-Live

Sessions are done in South Fl.  The sessions can be done laying on a table or seated in a comfortable chair, depending on the client’s preferences. Time is spent during the session to explain the Reiki process, having a verbal consultation with the client, completion of a client documentation form and a custom crystal selection.  The Reiki session  is touchless.

* In a live session, the Light-Life Ring (Trademarked) is used.  This Ring is for energization and for creating a beneficial & positive energy field and transforming lower vibrational energies to high.  In a remote session, the energy of this ring may be invoked for use.

* In a live session medical-grade &/or organic aromatherapy oils are integrated.  In a remote session, the energy of these oils may be invoked for use.

* In a live session a chakra assessment is done through the use of a pendulum  to evaluate the vitality of your 7 major chakras to see if they are active or underperforming. In a remote session, this is done intuitively. The 7 major chakra are vitalized, balanced and aligned. In a direct session, this is done with uniquely programmed chakra stones.  In a remote session, this is done with color visualization.  Your chakras are important energy centers that receive, store and transmit subtle energies.   They each have a specific function and are associated with energetic emissions of specific organs and glands. It is important to maintain strong chakra health as this correlates to good physical health.

Time to share experiences is done near the end of the session.

Prepayment is required by 24 hours  before your session or else your session will be automatically cancelled.

Preparing For Your Live Reiki Session

  • Please let Katibe know prior to the session if you are sensitive to scents.
  • Please come to your in-office session dressed comfortably and with easy slip off shoes.
  • Please wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants with socks, and bring along a heavy  sweater if you have a tendency to get cold as the room may get chilly, & you will be laying down.
  • If you have any of your own crystals, you would like used during the session, please bring them.
  • Bring along a water bottle if you can. Stay well hydrated before the session.

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Receiving a Reiki Attunement-Live Only

Attunements cannot be done remotely.

If guided to do so, Katibe can also pass an Reiki attunement to you for additional beneficial energies.  The attunement process enables the recipient to permanently open and connect to the Universal Reiki Energies on mental, physical, emotional and psychic level. It also clears and balances many important energy channels within the body.  Each Reiki attunement received opens up to higher levels of healing and understanding Universal Spirituality.

Attunements are given by a Reiki Master. Katibe is a Reiki Master.

The attunement procedure is a ceremony of spirit.  In this ceremony the Reiki master uses the powerful Reiki symbols and other gestures in a prescribed way.  This ceremony creates an energy pattern around the recipient of the attunement which entrains (or attunes) their energy field to the energies represented by the symbols for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Generally, a Reiki attunement can raise one’s overall vibration. It can also bring a unique healing experience to people, especially those who are suffering from emotional crisis and trauma. Reiki attunements may make major changes in the way you think, eat, work, and relate with others.