Crystal Programming


Product Description

Crystals can store information.  Crystals that have been programmed with specific information, called “tunings”,  can be much more effective at improving the energetic wellness of people and animals.  Charged Water has developed two unique programs for:

1) energetic anatomy attunement for PEOPLE

2) energetic anatomy attunement for ANIMALS 

We can place either of these programs in your crystal using our state of the art IDF (Intrinsic Data Field) device.   Once we have programmed your crystal, we use a separate, dedicated  IDF device to keep your programmed crystal CLEARED & CHARGED indefinately.  

Crystal programming is done remotely- no need to ship your crystal to us.

1) take a digital photograph of your crystal

2) specify whether the crystal is to be used with PEOPLE or ANIMALS (one programmed crystal cannot be used for both applications as the programs are very different)

2) upon receipt of your order, we will send an email requesting you to send your picture or pictures to us via email.


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