Crystal Clearing and Charging


Crystals readily absorb energies and information surrounding them. Crystals can take on negative energies and thought forms that are present in the space of the crystal. This can dramatically effect the performance of the crystals, so they need to be CLEARED on a regular basis. Charged Water has developed a process using our IDF instrument that we have programmed to clear your crystals of negative energies and thought forms and charge them with unconditional love and gratitude. This service will not only clear and charge your crystals, but it KEEP them cleared and charged indefinately. Clearing and charging is done remotely- no need to ship your crystal to us.

1) take a digital photograph of your crystal or group of crystals. Ensure they are against a plain background
2) upon receipt of your order, we will send an email requesting you to send your picture or pictures to us via email.


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