Testimonials for Classes,Events & Writings

From a Reiki I, II & III graduate:Your support in the last few months was very touching, served as a gentle reminder of love and the strength I can tap into, and helped me overcome some very deep anxiety in the face of hatred and threats.  Thinking back to when we first met, you have been one of my (very few) beacons of peace, love, and support on this very rocky journey that started in 2014, and a valued teacher – from teaching me Reiki to teaching me unconditional love, standing in one’s truth, strength and true friendship.  I am very grateful for all that you are and all that you did, and I am very clumsy in expressing it as this email does not even begin to express what your friendship means to me.” S.K., South Florida, April 2017
From a Reiki I, II & III graduate: “I am very grateful to have found Katie as my teacher of Reiki I, II and III. She is a great teacher and she always takes the time to answer all of my questions. I sincerely recommend her as she is not only a great teacher but because she has a beautiful soul and she will guide you through the amazing path of Reiki. I look forward to learn more from her.” M.A., South Florida, March 2017
About Katy’s article “Empowerment through Emotional Healing”: “It turned out absolutely fabulous, and I must commend you for such a well written methodical delivery. You really got to the heart of the matter with this.” J.B., Arizona, March 2017
Read the article at: http://www.lightbodytravelers.com/spiritualists-international-magazine/empowerment-through.html
About the Earth Healing Meditation Katy Channeled: “Katy!  The meditation that you/Wise Ones and Tim put together is AMAZING!  Thank you for sharing.  I shared it with my Women’s Circle (all of whom have a similar spiritual philosophy).  Thank you, thank you, thank you!” S.P., South Florida, Feb 2017
From a Tarot student:  “Thank you,  Katy, so much.  Very much looking forward to having you as my teacher, as I  continue on my Reiki journey. Very grateful and blessed to have found you years ago. Just message or email me when you are ready to teach your next level of Reiki. I will look over your private teachings as well.
Please send me a link to join your Facebook group. Thank you again for your beautiful tarot teachings. Really enjoyed it…Will talk soon.” P.M., South Florida, Jan 2017

From a Reiki I Graduate:  “I had an amazing time learning about Reiki and receiving my attunement. I felt so comfortable and at ease. The class and the teacher exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much Katy!!” S.D., South Florida, Jan 2017

From a Reiki I Graduate: ” This was a wonderful meet-up. Katy is a warm, sincere and gracious teacher. I am so blessed to have her as a teacher and a friend!…Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki class.  You are such gift to us all.  Thank you so much for your sharing.” Z.V., South Florida, Jan 2017

From a Reiki II Graduate: ” Thank you very much for the class we had yesterday (Reiki II Certification). It was a wonderful experience because you are a great teacher! Looking forward for Reiki 3 and learning even more from you.” M.A. , South Florida, Dec 2016 

” This post is long overdue. For anyone who seeks an example of what the new consciousness is as we walk this earth…take a page from Katy Simone’s life work. She is blessed with a huge heart and pinpointed “insightfulness.” I have been happy to call her friend & “good counsel” when needed over the years. She shines a penumbral light with accuracy on the challenges we all face. God continue to bless you and the work you do, Katy. You are a lantern shining light onto new paths. Love the book & all your personal services offered on your website.” D.G. from South Florida, Oct 2016

About Katy as a facilitator: ” Yes, you are a very good at facilitating and flowing and relating. You are authentic, opening and expansive and in clarifying ways.  You are very gifted and help others become aware of their own contributions with each other in a very masterful way. Very nice to witness and be a part of. Thank-you. I look forward to connecting with you in whatever way it is mean to unfold…” T from South Florida, Oct 2016 

About Katy’s First Channeled Poetry “The Celestial Skies” written on 1/21/16: ” Katy!! This is beautiful.  My aunt taught poetry for 40 years at a university in (USA-xxxx), and I can tell you she’d be impressed (she transitioned a year ago).  Thank you for sharing this, and all that you do.  It’s really empowering to someone like me who is only now waking up.  I’m going to print it out and put it in my journal.

My friend whom I brought to your Aristotle (eBook) discussion was impressed.  And to impress a former xxxx and life-long Catholic is a miracle in and of itself. ” S.P. from South Florida, January 23, 2016
About Katy on the Soul Evolution Center Radio Show: “ I was able to listen to your broadcast (Soul Evolution Center Show on BlogTalkRadio) which you had linked from your website. Very moving and powerful, you have always been touched by the light and have always emulated positive energy its always been inside of you. It always beamed from you … I’m glad you yourself our experiencing your own shine! Keep doing you and let the energy flow to bring you to different dimensions of time and space. ” M.T., August 2015
“What a fantastic event Katy! I am really looking forward to this one. I remember speaking with you for the first time many years ago, and being fascinated with your ET encounters while out. You are indeed a gifted Light Body Travelers, and I am honored with your presence, and ability to share with the group.” J.B. June, 2015
On June 2015 All About Out-of Body Article,written by Katy: “This is extremely well detailed. I’ve been researching and reading about the astral for years and haven’t seen this much practical info all in one place like this. Thank you Katy! Its nice to see this info come together on a website where people are seriously inspired to grow spiritually.E.B., June 2015
From a Reiki III Master/Teacher graduate: “Hi Katy, I wanted to thank you for your Reiki teaching and for giving me the opportunity to pass it on others. I will practice a lot to be able to do it the right way. ” J.V.  from South Florida, May 2015
From a Reiki III Master/Teacher graduate: I would like to start by thanking Katy for the wonderful class; including attunement, practice, and conversation with like-minded people.   You are an excellent instructor Katy, and thank you again! ” S.W. from South Florida, May 2015
 On April 2015 Manifesting Abundance with Our Spiritual Gifts Article, written by Katy : ” Just want to say that this is an awesome piece of spiritual guidance. I have tried many times to manifest things, specifically financial security, but think I have mistaken my true needs in the process. This eleven steps process here looks like a really effective way to get things in perspective through the actual higher self showing me where to assert my efforts and intentions in the manifestation process. Again, really great wisdom for me to follow here, and for this i thank you Katy Simmone!” T.R., April 2015
About Katy’s Oracle Card Basics Class: “Thank you so much for your amazing instruction! What a great class!” D.Q from South Florida, February 24, 2015
From a Reiki III Master/Teacher graduate: ” Thank you again for opening up the world of Reiki to me.  It continues to amaze me; I’m totally in love with all of it.”  S.P. from South Florida, Oct 2014
About Katy’s Guest Appearance on a Radio Show: ” I listened to your show tonight on the Awakening Zone (the 9/23/14 episode) and loved the meditation, you can bet that I will be listening to that again and again – I am thankful that you recommended it to me.” D.D. from South Florida, Sept 2014
From a Reiki I graduate: ” Hi Katy! I just gave your number to my Ob/Gyn as we were talking, and I told her the profound effects I’ve noticed since the first attunement (for Reiki I)…  She told me her husband isn’t feeling well at all and obviously, I thought of you.  Katy! I am blown away with the Reiki!! But I also need to tell you I really think you are very special. I am glad to be learning Reiki from you. I will be referring many people to you.”   S.D. from South Florida, Sept 2014
From a Reiki I graduate:” I wanted to thank you for the Reiki I class – you are such a natural teacher, I loved the way you explained everything and how you engaged all of us in all the aspects of the class.  I loved all the people who attended the class too, such a wonderful group. ”  S.K. from South Florida,  August 2014
From a student at a Soul Evolution Center class: ” Thank you much for the wonderful seminar last night , I truly enjoyed ! I must’ve charged myself with all that wonderful energy from the crystals as I could not fall sleep . Lol !! But it was great !!   It was great and with a lot of important information.  The organizer (Katy) is so knowledgeable. ”  T.B. from South Florida, July 2014
From a Reiki I graduate: ” Completed Reiki I with Katy yesterday.  Katy, your beautiful gentle energy made the class a wonderful experience!  I will be signing up for Reiki level 2♡ . ” P.B. from South Florida, May 2014


Dear Katy, Thank you for teaching this wonderful certification class (Reiki I).  I learned a lot from you and the group who were a pleasure to be with and a part of. “ A.B. from South Florida, March 2014




From a student at a Soul Evolution Center class: ” Thanks so much Katy for having me! Soul Evolution is a wonderful place with many different energy healing modalities as well as a learning ground for intuitives in the community to get together and learn from each other! It was a wonderful class and I’m so blessed to have met everyone! ” J.N. from South Florida, Sept. 2013