Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

Recieve validation, affirmation &/or guidance to your life questions through Tarot & Oracle card  readings. Katibe, advanced channeler of Light Beings, will also share with you the images and messages from the cards that she receives to provide you with the best, complete and in-depth guidance.

The cards are good for general guidance, if you don’t have a specific question in mind, you simply don’t know what to ask, or you are just looking for the highest and best guidance for you at this time in your life.

Please know the following for effective Oracle & Tarot card readings:

– Please take the time to write out your question so the question to the cards are clear.

Please know that the cards can address only one life issue at a time.

-Do not have questions with subparts. For example, ” Will I ever get married, will it be to Joe and is he my soul mate?”.   That would be considered three separate questions though they are all related to relationship. 

-Please ask your most important questions first in case your time is exceeded.  Katibe will help you to phrase your questions for the cards in order to received the best and clear guidance.

– If there is any time remaining in a phone/Skype/Facetime session you can ask another question using a 1-3 spread, depending on the time.

– The Tarot & Oracle cards are not recommended to be used for determining dates due to the nature of the cards.

– For the best guidance please ask single questions for the cards and not questions with subparts.

– For physical health related questions, Katibe will use the Archangel Raphael cards which will provide only general guidance and recommended holistic practices. The Tarot cards are not designed for health related questions.

-For romance related questions, Katibe will use a Romance cards.

-For life purpose questions, Katibe will use a Life Purpose deck.



Tarot Readings

Tarot is a way to connect with your subconscious mind through the Tarot cards to receive guidance on your questions or about your life.  By viewing and confronting the archetypal energies in each of the Tarot cards, we can free ourselves from their compulsive, reactive, emotional and egotistical elements, so we can begin to take responsibility for our individual choices and realign with who we really are, our authentic selves.

 You can request following spreads for important life information through the Tarot and Oracle cards:


3 Card Spreads/15 min. by Phone/Skype/Facetime   $30

Your Current Greatest Strength Spread

(1) You will learn what your greatest strength is (2) how you can utilize it, and (3) your new direction

Your Current Weakness Spread

You will learn (1) what your current weakness is (2) What will help you overcome it and (3) your new direction.

Your Problem, Suggestion Answer Spread

 You will learn the (1) root of your current problem or issue, (2) how to best deal with it, and (3) the resolution based on (2).

Your Priorities Right Now Spread

You will learn (1) what your priority is right now (2) What to look out for (interference) (3) resolution based on (2).

-Your Life Purpose Spread

You will learn (1) what your life purpose is right now (2) What to look out for (interference) (3) resolution based on (2).

Relationship Spread

 You will learn the (1) root of your current relationship problem, (2) how to deal with it, and (3) the resolution based on (2).


6 & 7 Card Spreads/30 min. by Phone/Skype/Facetime   $40

What am I doing with my life

You will learn you now (1) what  you are afraid of (2) a major past influence that is beneficial (3) a major past influence that was negative, (4) you promised yourself this, and (6) the result.

7 Card Spread

Current Challenges and Outcomes Spread

You will learn (1) your personal challenge right now, (2) the relationship challenge right now, (3) what holds you back, (4) what motivates you, (5) where you will get support, (6) what decision you need to make based on (1) -(5), and  (7) the outcome.

Releasing Doubts and Fears

You will learn 1) Where you are at now, (2) what you are denying, (3) what you are repressing, (4) what you are projecting, (5) what you are compensating for, (6) what will help you overcome your doubts, & (7) what will help you overcome your fears.

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9 Card Spreads/45 min  by Phone/Skype/Facetime   $50

Life Purpose Spread  

Learn in what areas your life purpose is related to.  Learn what your greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses are in regards to your life purpose.

What You Need to Learn Spread  

You will learn  3 things you need to learn about love, three things you need to learn about your life, and  three things you need to learn about your vocation.

10 card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread/45 min   $50 

 A 10 card Celtic Cross card spread to answer your specific question(s) on such topics such as relationships, career or finance.  Or it can be a more general, like the highest and best guidance for you at this time.

This spread is one of the oldest spreads in Tarot.  It is a very thorough card spread and reveals helpful information surrounding a life question, including past, present and future time frames, the client’s conscious and subconscious feelings, the client’s fears and hopes, how  external  & internal factors influence,  and the long term outcome or resolution.

Click here for a sample Celtic Cross Tarot spread email reading that Katibe did for a client

The 10 card Celtic cross spread reveals the following:

1.  the atmosphere surrounding the question

2. what energies are hindering or helping the situation

3.  the foundation of the question – this can be subconscious, and it is what led you to request this reading

4.  your immediate past – this  indicates events and influences that are more recent but in the past.

5.  your crowning thoughts (what it is you truly desire about this situation)-this represents your conscious thoughts

6. your immediate future as it relates to the situation – because this is a future card, you can change it!

7.  your attitudes & inner feelings toward the situation – this represents how your internal world sees it

8. how other people & the Universe see the situation – this represents how the external world sees it

9. what your hopes and fears are toward the situation

10.  the outcome of the question – this is the long term resolution. This ties the entire card spread together and represents the culmination of the 9 prior cards.  Because this is a future card, you can change it!

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12 Card Zodiac Tarot Spread/60 min       $60

A 12 house astrology Tarot spread to reveal what is going on in 12 different and  important segments of your life.  This spread reveal your personality or self-image, about your possessions,  how you communicate or your family relationships outside your parents,  your early home & family life, or how you are a mother or father,  your creativity or what you like to do for fun or about our children, your work and wealth or health, relationships & where we have difficulties, how you handle your day to day challenges, how you find meaning in your life (your philosophies, religious or spiritual concepts) what you are known for (your social status or public image), your friendships and service, and  your subconscious (your private inner life).

Click here for a sample Tarot card email reading for one life question that Katibe did for a client.

Click here for a sample Celtic Cross Tarot spread email reading that Katibe did for a client.

Fees for Tarot & Oracle card readings by Phone/Skype/Facetime

15 min $30         Example: A  3 Card Spread

30 min $40         Example:  2 3 Card Spread or a 6 Card Spread

45 min $50        Example: 3 3 Card Spread Readings or a 9 Card or 10 Card Spread Reading

60 min $60          Example: 4 3 Card Spread Readings or a 12 Card Zodiac Tarot Spread

A $10 Referral Bonus

If you have had a paid reading or any other service, attended a paid class or paid event by Soul Evolution Center, every time you refer a new client to Katibe, and they pay for any of herreadings, evolution coaching or Reiki services, of any length, you will receive a $10 credit off any reading, class or service that you book in the future.  Please make sure that the client you referred gives Katibe your name for the credit to be given.

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