Tarot Basics with Certification

In-office or by Skype/Webinar

We are all naturally psychic and have this innate ability.  Often these gifts are unrecognized,  underdeveloped, or underutilized.  This is a valuable and beneficial class that will help you to develop & attune your intuition, awareness and psychic senses through knowledge and practical experience.  

Learn how to tap into your subconscious through the Tarot cards to get important guidance for your life and for others.  Learn the meanings of  the major arcana, minor arcana, the court cards & symbology of the Tarot.  Each of the 78 cards of the Tarot will be reviewed.

The teachings of the Tarot in this class will have a practical basis so that the student can get pragmatic guidance for themselves and others.  THIS CLASS IS NOT AN ESOTERIC, MYSTICAL, OR HISTORICAL STUDY OF TAROT.  

Learn how to use the 6″Clairs” to obtain information during the readings.

Learn various card spreads for past/ present/ future, specific questions, or information about key sectors of your life &  various card combinations.  Practice readings will be done through Tarot.

This workshop will provide a strong support for other types of psychic and spiritual work. 

For those that are new to the Tarot, this class will provide a firm foundation in understanding the cards, how they work, and how to interpret them.  For those who are already familiar with the Tarot, this is a great overall review.

This is a unique opportunity to receive one on one instruction by a gifted and talented Tarot and Oracle Card instructor, Katibe Simmone. 

Instructor-Katibe Simmone

Katibe is an advanced channeler of Light Beings , author, speaker and workshop-facilitator.  

Download Katibe Simmone’s free eBook “Aristotle’s Teachings for the New Age, a Series of Channelings” by clicking here. It is available in many reading formats.

She is the host of the Soul Evolution Center show on BlogTalkRadio.  The high quality of her spiritual work and readings, including samples of readings, has been well-documented on her blog and on this website.

Click here to learn more about Katibe Simmone.

Fees (by Prepayment only)

6 hours $350 in office, text included. Please see the Website Calendar to select this service, prepay, and schedule a convenient time.

6 hours $300 by Skype/Webinar text not included.  Prepay is required prior to scheduling. Please see the Website Calendar to select this service, prepay, and schedule a convenient time.

The specified Tarot deck and text must be purchased by the client separately & received by the client prior to the start of the class.  See below for the text and materials. 

Additional Savings

Invite a friend and split the cost (+$20 additional for the text for in office) ! Each additional participant after 2 is only $20 per class hour  (+$20 additional for the text for in office).  

Scheduling of Class

It is recommend that the 6 hour course be broken up in three 2.0 hour time blocks if done remotely or in 2 3.0 hour time blocks if done live so that the voluminous content can be absorbed over more than one session. Prepayment is required prior to each time block. 

The class can be scheduled during the day, evening and weekend times, subject to availability. 

Text & Materials

 Text: The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett, The Definitive Guide to the Cards and Spreads, Paperback, 400 pages.

This is the supplement text that Katy specifically selected for this class based upon her research.

  • ISBN-10: 1402738382
  • ISBN-13: 978-1402738388

This text is about $15.00 retail but can be purchased used online for lower prices.

Universal Waite, Rider/Waite or Rider Card Tarot Deck-It is highly recommended that the client purchase and have this prior to the start of the class. There will be an extra deck that can be borrowed for the class.

For Skype/Webinar:  Text and materials need to be ordered and received by the client prior to the start of the class.  Please allow the proper time for this.

Prepayment Policy 

Prepayment is required due to the conference room reservation for in-office & time needed to prepare the materials.  Also, due to experiences in the past where some clients did not honor making payment, this policy has been implemented.

Prepayment must be received by 8 pm the evening before the start of the certification.  

Thank-you for your understanding in the prepayment policy. 

Certificate of Completion – Available upon Request

Upon prepayment the client can receive a certificate of completion in Tarot Basics upon request and after completing the entire class.  This will be mailed to you if done remotely.  Prepay here for the certificate.

If you would like to receive a certificate, please email Katibe at soulctr@yahoo.com  the first, last and middle name to appear on your certificate as well as your mailing address if the certification is to be done by Skype/Facetime.

Please email Katibe at soulctr@yahoo.com with any questions.


Skype is a free download at http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/.  You will have to name your Skype address. Skype or Facetime with video is how the certification will be held for online certifications.  Any questions on Skype or downloading it, please see the Skype support on their website link above as Katy is not an expert on Skype.

Special Notes for In-office

– Please bring wholesome snacks, desired food and water bottle.

– Please bring a warm sweater &/or dress warmly as the conference room gets chilly.

– Katibe will be at the Center 5-10 minutes before start time to unlock the front doors, which are kept locked for security reasons.

– Please bring your Tarot deck if you have one, else there is an extra deck that can be borrowed for the class.