Out of Body Basics

In-office or by Skype/Webinar

We are all multi-dimensional beings and exist on many levels of consciousness, whether we are aware of it or not. We all experience that naturally in our sleep state at night time through out-of-body experiences (OBE).

For all levels!   Learn about the fascinating world of OBEs.  In this workshop you will learn :

What is an OBE? 

Learn the importance of energetic hygiene and wellness in an OBE. 

3 exit techniques that the participant can practice at home.

Learn 5 ways to maximize your potential for an OBE. 

Precursors to an OBE

When you understand an OBE and its workings, you can better navigate your own OBEs. A unique opportunity to  have your OBE questions answered.  Katibe also will also share from her many OBE experiences since her spiritual awakening in 2009 and that she blogs about on her blog, which is part of her SoulEvolutionCenter. com website. 

This is a unique opportunity to receive one on one instruction by a gifted and talented OBE instructor, Katibe Simmone. 

Instructor-Katibe Simmone

Katibe is a an advanced channeler of Light Beings, author,  speaker and workshop-facilitator.  She is the host of the weekly Soul Evolution Center show on BlogTalkRadio.  The high quality of her spiritual work and readings, including samples of readings, has been well-documented on her blog and on this website.

Click here to learn more about Katibe Simmone.


3.5 hours $400 in office. Please see the Website Calendar to select this service, prepay, and schedule a convenient time. 

3.5 hours $200 by Skype/Webinar.  Prepay is required prior to scheduling. Please see the Website Calendar to select this service, prepay, and schedule a convenient time. 

Additional Savings

Invite a friend and split the cost! Each additional participant after 2 is only $20 per class hour.  

Scheduling of Class

The class can be scheduled during the day, evening and weekend times, subject to availability. 

Prepayment Policy 

Prepayment is required due to the conference room reservation for in-office & time needed to prepare materials.  Also, due to experiences in the past with some clients, this pre-pay policy has been implemented.

Prepayment must be received 24 hours before the start.

Thank-you for your understanding in the prepayment policy.   

Please email Katibe at soulctr@yahoo.com with any questions.


Skype is a free download at http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/.  You will have to name your Skype address. Skype with video is how the certification will be held for online certifications.  Any questions on Skype or downloading it, please see the Skype support on their website link above as Katibe is not an expert on Skype.