6/19/13 Channeled Message: Arcturian Angels: Inspirational – Power of Grace, Light and Listening -Lavender Light


I am a channeler of various light and love beings since 2009.  I have been guided to share these channelings.

I want to share this beautiful, inspirational channeling from the Arcturian Angels.  This is my first channeled message from them though I did blog about them in December 2012. (Please see http://soulevolutioncenter.com/12812-messagescontact-with-the-arcturian-angels/ ). Their words are so beautiful. Please read it slowly and savor each line.  They talk about the Power of Grace, the Power of Your Light & the importance of learning to listen.  They also shared some surprising information to me about not apologizing and a visualization exercise we can do with lavender light, which represents brilliance, performance and high consciousness.

Enjoy the message. I would love to hear your experiences with light forms.

Please also read the commentary at the end of the message, where insightful, background information on this message is presented.

Please share with others who are interested or present it as a gift to those who need inspiration at this time. 



*** Unedited ***

11:11 a.m.

Katy:  Hello, Dear Loved Ones, Masters of Love, Light and Knowledge. I am here to receive a message on a topic of your choosing so that I may share it with fellow human beings to help them understand and be inspired.  Please have the highest and best communicate to me on this. Please speak in terms that I understand.  I ask that the message be clear, complete and that I receive it with ease.  Last night telepathically I heard “Arcturians”.  If they choose and are permitted to step forward to communicate with me, I am receptive to being a messenger for them.  Thank-you.  Namaste.

(As soon as I typed in “Arcturians” above, clairvoyantly I saw a large swirling violet mist with swirling touches of white.  I sense this is them, and this is how they represent themselves to me, as color.)

Arcturian AngelsWe have been called and so we have come.  You have invited us, and we have the distinctive pleasure of being in your scope of telecommunication today.  

You are learning.  This is great. For this we applaud you.  You are challenging yourself and questioning daily, that which you have taken for granted your entire life so far.  You are learning to be fine decipherer of higher, intelligent energies.  You are blending in well and desire no less than to accomplish your mission that you chose for yourself. 

Say to yourself that you will remember, and so it will come to pass.  Treasure these moments of fineness, of lightness.  Enjoy your time and company.  Purvey all that is around you and know it has been designed in this way.  You are a treasure, a true inspiration.  Let others blend into your energies, and they shall become inspired as well.  This is very important.  The power you desire exists within your field of your beingness. 

You are sweet.  To remember that you are a Divine Source is to be in touch and in command of all your senses, your learnings.  You will become a fine teacher.  You represent that which you are learning to embrace from the center of your heart.  You shall see and in time, become wiser yet.

 You fit into this world.  You nestle nicely.  You have composure, grace and respect. Do not limit yourself.  Learn to bow gracefully.  You will perform many, important tasks to share and inspire those about you.  Feel this opportunity.  Know you have risen to accept this with ease, confidence and sureness. 

The Power of Grace

Fill yourself up daily with the Power of Grace.  The Power of Grace is interminable.  It allows complete ease and freedom of movement.  It permits the wonderful flow of thought and consciousness.  It never imposes.  It allows complete sanctuary, warmth and comfort that many desire and long for.  In this eternal embrace, all shall feel and know their entirety, their wholeness, their oneness. 

Be fair and careful.  You have a divine calling.  Feel this and watch for the opportunities to remember and put this into motion.  You cannot determine other people’s will.  What you can provide is solace, comfort, and understanding.  To be in this role is to charge your Higher Self, to become free and complete.

The Power of Your Light

You shall make a difference.  You will be able to tell over time as people turn toward you, attracted to your light within, as they wonder what makes you different and so special.  They will respond in kind.  In this way, the work of the Eternal Father shall continue and widen. 

Feel better that you are learning.  Within the nuances, you will adjust and become more of that which you naturally are.  Be cognizant and feel the effervescent quality that you possess, that is innate in every particle of you, that is your form.  Feel this freedom.  You will make a change and transpose finer qualities and language skills to those who support you and are attracted to you. 

Learn to Listen

Learn to listen.  In this quietness, in the pauses of your thoughts, you shall see and overcome your limiting, disruptive mood alterations and thoughts.  Find ways to become still and hear the eternal truth that beats within you like a soft, steady drum.  You will find the salvation that you seek and all your longings will vanquish. 

Cherish yourself and know that Father has given each and every one of you the greatest of all gifts, the claircognizance of The Truth, The Eternal Moment.  The fine design has been laid out and integrated.  Feel this energy and relinquish your tired mistruths, your misgivings and longings for freedom.  Savor yourself. 

Let yourself be independent and yet know that Father is watching and available to you in a moment’s notice if you need him.  You need only call him.  He can tell in an instant who has requested him for he keeps a tab on everyone.  Not one soul is missed.

You shall succeed, and in your success, you will make the way for others.  You will allow the room, the expansiveness for them to enter as well.  It is a giant womb!  A place of warmth, nurturing, solace and counsel, never ending and continuing.  

Continue on our loved ones.  Feel our breath and know we have been charged to aid you, to help you in your success.  Never doubt this.  In abiding time, all shall come to rest in the space of this Truth.  You are able.  You are capable.  And you shall succeed and witness the power of True Love, Eternal Grace.  Come to that.  Feel that.  Love that. 

Do not judge yourself less others do that to you.  When you acknowledge your potential, your unlimited capabilities, you will rise and become translucent. Light and freedom shall be yours, in all eternity. 

Be the one.  Be the trailblazer, the forerunner.  Carry the torch high for others to follow.  Bless many, and you will find the blessings returning to you with a fragrance, a bouquet so rich, it will leave you intoxicated. 

Don’t Apologize

Apologize to no one.  Apologies are errant thought forms, relics from ancient years.  Set them aside and fill yourself with hope and opportunities for pleasant outcomes of far-reaching possibilities.  Apologies perform a specific function of limiting your own thought beliefs.  In an apology, there is a sense of shame, guilt and tiredness.  You are not any of these for you are entirely free. 

You are so sweet. Keep this in mind always.  Fill it in your heart.  This is your true calling, your definition. 

Power of Lavender

Lavender is the color of brilliance, of performance, of high consciousness.  Fill this color from the top of your crown down to past the soles of your feet, into Mother Earth, Gaia, Terra Firma, the one who supports, nourishes and cares for you. 

Learn to be a Performer

Learn to be a performer, one who can tell, adjust, turn and glide as needed.  One who is naturally adept and intuitive and changes to nuances with skill, ease and grace.  One who is seamless and in the Divine Flow of their calling.  Feel the power of this energy and be relaxed in it.  Hinder yourself not.

Love’s eternal blossom blooms carefree and willing to be a part of The Change, of time’s calling.

Collect Your Thoughts

Collect yourself in your mind.  Your scattered thoughts are a reflection of what you feel.  Feel solid and based. Rein in the errant thinking of your mind.  You have this power and ability to control.  Find it and be aware of it.  Work with it daily and become the master.  Feel the power and resolve this gives you, the clarity of your thoughts will become purer, focused and more well-intentioned. 

Continue on.  In your place we shall follow with words of wisdom, kindness and care, for you are our charges. 

We feel your energies deeply.

In love,


The Arcturian Angels, color coded for ease of identification, naturally! (I feel a sense of humor here)

Katy: Namaste. (Telepathically, I bow to them)

11:54 am.

Commentary: At 5:15 pm. that afternoon, I reread this message as I prepared to put it on this blog.  Telepathically, I asked the Arcturian Angels to reread it with me and give it a stamp of approval so that I know I received the channeling accurately and its entirety.  I asked if there was anything they wanted to edit or change. Telepathically, I received the following:

“The Angels recommend you post this message in its entire length and not to change any words.”

I sensed their violet energy and that they were close to me energetically.  My heart chakra was touched. It is, indeed, a beautiful blessing, to be able to communicate with them.

My Background with the Arcturian Angels

Telepathically, over the past 6 months, I have heard the words ‘Arcturian Angels.”  Often, I receive words, phrases, and information telepathically and randomly during the day.

About two months sometime in April 2013, when I was sitting at the kitchen, one evening talking to my spouse, with my physical eyes,  I saw an unusual beautiful colored violet colored mist about 20 feet behind my husband, in a small alcove we have in our house, outside our pantry.  It was about 3 feet high and 3 feet high and about the size and shape of a rosebush without a definite border.  It looked like it was on the floor, not in mid-air.  It flashed quickly, then went away.  I was shocked to see this!  I had not seen that kind of energy light formation before.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009 as I share in http://soulevolutioncenter.com/about_katy/   I do see orbs, auras like halos around people, objects, and everything and sparks of light during the day.  However, this violet energy light formation was a first ! 

I expressed to my husband that I just saw an unusual energy light formation.  Then I remembered, the day before I had heard telepathically randomly during the day the words “Arcturian Angels… violet light”.  Quickly, I put two and two together and realized that this violet mist was them !  How beautiful is that !

Highly evolved beings can appear as light and energy forms.  .

Though this is my first channeled message from the Arcturian Angels.  I first blogged about them in December 2012.  Please see:

http://soulevolutioncenter.com/12812-messagescontact-with-the-arcturian-angels/ .  At this time, I received a clairvoyant image of beings with blue skin in blue robes and not the violet mist. 

On a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest, I would rate this transmission a 4.5 in terms of clarity, flow and volume (strength). 

Internet Research on Arcturian Angels

After this channeling, I did some research on the internet on Arcturian Angels. I do want to honor the messages I receive and not compare them to that of others.  I was curious as to what has been put forth on the Internet on them to date.  From the site http://www.waveformhq.com/sedona.html I learned that the Arcturians wish to help us heal ourselves and our planet. They are Light beings, and they appear to us as Angels (Elohim). At this site there was a channeled message from Barbara Sanna in 1992 from Vogan from  Arcturus.  Her channeled message was eerily similar to my message in the following ways:

– The overall, cadence, rhythm and flow

– References to Father, Love, Light & Remembering

– Assistance to Mother Earth

There were other sites and information about Arcturian Angels.  Some of the images of the Arcturians showed blue skinned, bald figures in robes as I saw clairvoyantly in December 2012!  Some of these figures, if they were just a little rounder and shaped more like bullet, could have been my Alien Aunt that I met in an out-of-body experience in December and blogged about in http://soulevolutioncenter.com/12912-oob-meeting-my-alien-aunt/

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