6/15/13 Messages: Getting Spiritual Guidance for Yourself


I am a channeler of light and love beings.  I channel both inspirational and technical messages.  I, also, provide channeling sessions to people to answer their life’s questions or to receive validation and affirmation on their decisions.

Believe that you can connect directly with your loving guides, who are helping you on your life journey!

Yesterday, one of my clients that I channel for shared that he was able to connect with one of his guides directly and received guidance for himself.  In the past, he had received this guidance through human messengers, like myself.  He shared that he felt his guide’s warm energy ,and how beautiful that was. This is what I teach.  I just taught that in a class I held this past week at Soul Evolution Center in South Florida called “Meet Your Master Guide.” Ultimately, as we evolve, we will be able to connect and get guidance directly our self through our intuition and our abilities to connect with our invisible helpers and our Higher Self & without the need for a human messenger. 

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