11/17/16 Channeled Message: My Higher Self: Your True Self


My Higher Self: It is time now to tell of such things. The human species needs to create this awareness of themselves of the Truth of Their Being and Design. This is no accident and had…

4/18/16 Channeled Message: Orion: Thoughts

4-16  Orion Thoughts

“I am Orion. I am here to teach. I represent many Beings of high consciousness and vibration. You can teach others of the power of their thoughts to manifest their reality. Thought conceptions are powerful, indeed….

7/14/16 Channeled Message: Angels of High Vibration: Complete Yourselves

7-14-16 Angels of High Vibration-Complete Yourselves

Katibe: Please, Beings of Light and Love who wish to help humanity, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others at this time. Please connect through me. Please be specific, complete and deliver…

7/13/16 Channeled Message: Galileo-In Spirt: This is a Great Time & More

7-13-16 Galileo

Katibe: Please, Galileo in-spirit, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others. I have heard your name telepathically almost daily over the past two months. I feel you wish to connect through me….

7/2/16 Channeled Message: Archangel Gabriel: Importance of Evolution

7-2-16 AA Gabriel Importance of Evolution

Channeled life wisdom from beyond. ********************************* Katibe (Katy) Simmone: Please, dear Archangel Gabriel, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others. I have heard your name “Gabriel” telepathically daily many times over the…

The Presidential Nominees-What I Value-A Spiritual Perspective from a Channeler of Light Beings

Blog for Soul Evol wo Town II

It is time to express myself on the current nomination process as I feel silence, at times, is a form of acquiescence. By taking this affirmative action with clear, directed intention I am adding my own…

1/27/16 Channeled Message: Ben Franklin In-Spirit: Thoughts & Awareness

Ben Franklin 1-16 Channeled Message

Wisdom from beyond for your well-being.”…Thoughts are a part of each and every human being’s persona and being. Thoughts do matter and count. They play a pivotal role and are the crux of many insecurities, doubts…

2/6/16 An Expression on Professional Physical Contact Sports

Hmmm… The words shared here on this image are not my own but there is something for us to contemplate as citizens of the World. Some sports fans may not agree with my views but I want to take this opportunity…

1/25/16 Channeled Message: Plato: Our Divinity

Plato Message 1-25-16

A beautiful, inspirational channeled message to Katy from Plato, famous philosopher in spirit, on Our Divinity. This is my first channeled message from him.  Katy: Dear Plato, I am here to receive the highest & best…

1/21/16 Channeled Poetry: The Celestial Skies & the Channeling Process

The Celestial Skies

“Channeling words you don’t consciously know the meaning of is a clear, definitive sign your channeling is genuine and not made up or imagined…”    The Celestial Skies (Channeled Poetry) Celestial skies of power and grace Wherein lies answers…