8/31 & 9/1/18 Out of Body Experiences: Unfolding Angel Wings and Dragons


Hi, I am sharing two  significant out of body experiences (OBEs) I had which were mystical in nature. In one my angel wings unfolded and I channeled a song from an angelic Light Being in another…

Unconditional Forgiveness of Yourself & Others

Maya Angelou Quote

💚 “It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody.“~Maya Angelou It’s a beautiful quote. Thank-you, Maya Angelou. I would just add to this quote “Forgive yourself, as well.” I texted…

We Are Not Broken or Alone

We are not broken

This is an inspiration for you. The following is what I shared in response to a post from someone on a spiritual Facebook group page with some additions in June of 2018. It is a rebuttal…

Out of Body Experience: Dimensional Host Family & Seeing My Uncle In-Spirit

OBE Space For Blog Post - Host Family

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE (out-of-body experience) I had on 4/6/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure in an altered state of consciousness and see a loved one in-spirit. An altered state of…

Out of Body Experience: Adventures-Unusual Dimensional Boat

OBE Space For Blog Post - Adventure OBE

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE I had on 3/27/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure. Human beings love to take vacations as a break and reprieve from their day-to-day mundane life….

Out of Body Experiences Conceptual Framework

OBE Space For Blog Post - Conceptual Framework

Welcome, I have developed an OBE (out-of-body experience) conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic.  This is an evolving framework which I tweak as…

Human Communications: Are You Being Direct or Coming from Your Ego?

Are You Being Direct

I felt guided to express my thoughts on this to get people to think about the quality of their communications. This post is a reminder to take care in how you express yourself to others. It can make or…

2/7/18 OBE: Dimensional Platforms for Learning & Life Guidance

OBE Space For Blog Post - Learning 3

Welcome, I have been guided to chronicle my out of body experiences (OBEs) since 12/17 in my personal log to understand what was going on subconsciously within me and to provide me guidance to empower me in my…

10/8/17 OBE:Third Eye Exit Technique w/Full Blown Stereo Sound

OBE Space For Blog Post - TEET

Setting: My bedroom during night-time sleep      Time of OBE Occurrence: Unknown When I was sleeping I became lucid in this out-of-body experience (OBE) to be looking into my Third Eye. That is the space between…

9/30/17 OBE: Lost in France & Signs of Evolvement

OBE Space For Blog Post

I became lucid in this OBE to find myself in an urban city. I just had a knowingness that it was France. Teaching Point #1 CLAIRCOGNIZANCE: In OBEs you may have a knowingness without anyone telling you anything or receiving…