Making High Vibrational Relationship Status Changes

Status Changes

Welcome! Changing the status of relationships may not be easy, especially if the relationship has endured a period of years. I am sharing this to help others with tough decisions in regards to making relationship changes….

Handling Jealousy-Yours & From Others

Kalil Gibran

Welcome! I felt guided to write about jealousy. I do feel that many people get jealous of other’s accomplishments, good will, lifestyle, material possessions, relationships, including marriages, etc…. Those that get jealous may be colleagues.  Sometimes, it’s neighbors….

Compassion & Sensitivity During Hard Times


Welcome, I felt guided to share this. If I did not, I would not be true to myself. Following is what I shared on FB on 9/11/17: ***** My Dear Facebook Community, I am expressing myself…

Energy Protection Thru Reiki Symbols & White Light

Kitchen candle

Welcome! This is the candle I lit today for the safety and welfare of everyone including any animals and minimal property damage in the path of category five Hurricane Irma that is currently heading toward South Florida. May…

8/24/17: Semi-Trance Channel w/ Light Being Arduon

Blog for Soul Evol wo Town II

Welcome! I share this extraordinary psychic experience when I channeled through semi-trance a Being called Arduon on 8/24/17.  He came to give me messages. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have experienced some extraordinary psychic phenomena and my…

6/19/17 What a True Father is

Father's Day Card

I shared this from my Father’s Day tribute on Facebook.  I felt guided to create this special writing piece. The card shown in the image is the one I gave to my husband on Father’s Day.  Out…

11/21/16 Channeled Song: What I am Grateful For


In time for the upcoming holidays: “What I’m grateful for cannot be expressed. What I’m grateful for is Without regrets. What I’m grateful for has no voice. It is beyond all I know Existing on other…

11/17/16 Channeled Message: My Higher Self: Your True Self


My Higher Self: It is time now to tell of such things. The human species needs to create this awareness of themselves of the Truth of Their Being and Design. This is no accident and had…

4/18/16 Channeled Message: Orion: Thoughts

4-16  Orion Thoughts

“I am Orion. I am here to teach. I represent many Beings of high consciousness and vibration. You can teach others of the power of their thoughts to manifest their reality. Thought conceptions are powerful, indeed….

7/14/16 Channeled Message: Angels of High Vibration: Complete Yourselves

7-14-16 Angels of High Vibration-Complete Yourselves

Katibe: Please, Beings of Light and Love who wish to help humanity, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others at this time. Please connect through me. Please be specific, complete and deliver…