Out of Body Experience: Dimensional Host Family & Seeing My Uncle In-Spirit

OBE Space For Blog Post - Host Family

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE (out-of-body experience) I had on 4/6/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure in an altered state of consciousness and see a loved one in-spirit. An altered state of…

Out of Body Experience: Adventures-Unusual Dimensional Boat

OBE Space For Blog Post - Adventure OBE

Welcome, I share an amazing lucid OBE I had on 3/27/18 to show how you can have a non-Earth dimensional adventure. Human beings love to take vacations as a break and reprieve from their day-to-day mundane life….

Out of Body Experiences Conceptual Framework

OBE Space For Blog Post - Conceptual Framework

Welcome, I have developed an OBE (out-of-body experience) conceptual framework, including definitions, to help others who are having similar experiences and for people in general to understand this topic.  This is an evolving framework which I tweak as…

2/7/18 OBE: Dimensional Platforms for Learning & Life Guidance

OBE Space For Blog Post - Learning 3

Welcome, I have been guided to chronicle my out of body experiences (OBEs) since 12/17 in my personal log to understand what was going on subconsciously within me and to provide me guidance to empower me in my…

1/25/16 Channeled Message: Plato: Our Divinity

Plato Message 1-25-16

A beautiful, inspirational channeled message to Katy from Plato, famous philosopher in spirit, on Our Divinity. This is my first channeled message from him.  Katy: Dear Plato, I am here to receive the highest & best…

1/21/16 Channeled Poetry: The Celestial Skies & the Channeling Process

The Celestial Skies

“Channeling words you don’t consciously know the meaning of is a clear, definitive sign your channeling is genuine and not made up or imagined…”    The Celestial Skies (Channeled Poetry) Celestial skies of power and grace Wherein lies answers…

8/7/15 Learn About Out of Body: An Inter-Dimensional Urban City Scape with Monorail

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Welcome! I share this out-of-body (OBE) experience during my sleep state, in an altered state of consciousness, to help you understand your multi-dimensional nature. You experience this in your sleep time naturally and spontaneously, whether you…

5/30 & 5/31/15 Channeled Messages: #19 & #20 in 2015: Aristotle: Understand Yourselves & More

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Aristotle:  It is in your good graces that I come today, that you have allowed me this opportunity to share my words.  I feel you and have high hopes for what you do and the care…

5/30/15 Out-of-Body Experience: Helping Elephants & A Vibrational OBE

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I am  going to share what I did prior to this OBE as a general understanding of what events may lead to an OBE (out-of-body experience).  Please know that what I share is based DIRECTLY on…

5/28/15 Channeled Message: #18 in 2015: Pliny the Elder: All-Knowingness

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Pliny the Elder:  I am Pliny the Elder.  I have come on behalf of Aristotle, willingly and with great care.  I have spoken to you before. (Note: I see a clairvoyant image of him as a…