Handling Jealousy-Yours & From Others

I felt guided to write about jealousy. I do feel that many people get jealous of other’s accomplishments, good will, lifestyle, material possessions, relationships, including marriages, etc…. Those that get jealous may be colleagues.  Sometimes, it’s neighbors. Sometimes, it’s coworkers.
Sometimes, it’s friends. When I got married in 1989 out of college, my spouse and I moved into a new house. Because it was a corporate move out-of-state, my spouse’s company paid some of the buying costs. My best friend from my teenage years of about ten years came right out and told me on the phone she was jealous that I had a house so fast after being married.  She was very family and home oriented and always wanted a big family.
I was shocked! That surprised the bejeebies out of me.  I remember saying to myself at the time “She is my best friend. She is supposed to be happy for me.” I still remember the sadness and disappointment I felt as a result. It was like a bubble of innocence had burst within me and the “ugly” of human nature reared its head. That shifted my relationship with her from that time forward. Since then, I had a clear head’s up of how she emotionally reacted in regard to certain situations, I was careful what I shared with her. On the positive side, at least, she was aware of her jealousy and could express it.
Sometimes, it’s family members who may become jealous you. Instead of being happy for their loved ones, a parent, a sibling or in-law can become jealous. It’s ironic that the people who should care about you the most are the most jealous ones at times. This is indicative of low vibrational karma to be worked out in these special relationships with blood ties.
For me, it has been at times, in addition to the type of relationships that were just referred to, fellow light workers! These fellow colleagues should know better. Alas, they, like everyone,  are still spiritual evolving as well. They haven’t mastered the life lesson of not being jealous. This egoic part of their nature is still thriving and in force.
Jealousy can be quite paradoxical and unfortunately, part of the human satire. Most importantly, it is a vital indicator of your spiritual evolution, including emotional intelligence and transcendence of the low vibrational ego. 
Who Do People Get Jealous? 
Why do people get jealous? Jealousy is a mechanism of the human ego. Jealous people covet what others have and then because their perception is that they are “lacking”, they project it as an emotional unbalanced discharge outward. They may expect you to share what you have with them. They may feel you don’t deserve it. They may feel you are spoiled. Sad, but true. This is an area of healing for many people during this earthly incarnation.
A Powerful Shifter When You Get Jealous
A powerful shifter, instead of getting jealous, is this practice: When someone shares wonderful occurrences in their life, use it to inspire and encourage you as a real-life example. Use it to learn from them. Use it as motivation that you too can attain that with the proper actions such as insightful decisions, smart planning, appropriate education, disciplined commitment, etc…
Healing Technique to Shift Your Jealousy
If you find yourself getting jealous, this is a cue to you for self-healing. I came up with the following steps out of my own experiences. I share these to help you.
(1) First, acknowledge these feelings of jealousy. Be honest about what you are feeling. Don’t deny, repress or suppress it. That will just cause more issues in the future and possibly snowball into bigger conflicts.
(2) Ask for help from the Universe, Your Higher Self, Source, Creator, Angels or whatever consciousness you feel comfortable with. Ask for Clarity & Truth on the reasons for your jealousy or use those specific words that resonate for you. Look for synchronicities in your life in the days following that will provide key guidance to you.
(3) Look deeper into your life history to understand yourself. Bring your jealousy out of the dark into the light for illumination through relevant self-introspection. Plato’s famous words “Know they self” apply directly here. Know your jealousy triggers! Understand the patterns in which they occur.
I have channeled many messages from Beings of Light and Love who exist in other dimensional realms about the importance of knowing and understanding yourself. Do this inner work immediately if possible when it is fresh in your mind and active in your emotional energetic body. If you do not do it in a timely manner, you may forget about it. But don’t worry, because if your jealousy is unhealed, it will rise again in your life to be addressed! You can thank the Universe for this reminder mechanism! Ha!
3a) Delve into the jealousy to understand the root source and causes of it. Hone the focus of your jealousy. Does it surface around money, jobs, love relationships, supportive families or physical appearance? Has jealousy been a pattern of reaction for you since childhood because of your own unmet desires?
4) A practice of daily meditation, inner stillness and journaling can help bring substantial understanding of yourself and your emotional state, including your jealousy.
I have integrated such practices in my daily life, and they have served me very well. I am very grateful for this know-how which I willingly share with you to help you. I have learned to do this to heal myself. It is self-empowering and fruitful, instead of being self-sabotaging as jealousy always is.
Empaths & Jealousy
Since my spiritual awakening in 2009 and becoming more energetically acute & empathic, I can actually feel jealous energy vectors directed from people coming at me at times like energetic arrows. When I sense this, I immediately clam up, back off, close up & shield my aura. It does continue to surprise me though the force, velocity and intensity of these jealousy energy charges. Ouch!  To be on the receiving end of someone’s jealousy is not fun when you can feel that low vibrational energy as an empath. It is palpable and almost tangible. Water signs especially, like myself, are very sensitive.
When you are empathic, you can feel very hurt by someone’s jealousy. In the past, I have allowed myself to be hurt by jealousy especially when it was coming from someone in my family or a close friend. The energetic chords in these relationships are especially strong, amplifying the feelings of jealousy and the force of which you can feel.
I just couldn’t understand why my loved ones weren’t happy for me?  Your own family is “supposed” to be happy for you. It didn’t make sense to me. In an ideal world, this would be the way. In the astrological Age of Aquarius we are currently in, the light workers including counselors, therapists and other holistic practitioners have much at work at hand to help create emotional healing in this world.
Since my spiritual awakening when I started learning about people’s many unhealed emotional wounds (including my own!) & how they can be projected onto others, I realized jealousy reflected more about the creator of it than the recipient.


Jealousy is a Learning for Everyone


But make no mistake, as a “player” in this interaction, there is still something for the recipient of the jealousy to learn. For me, more often than not, I have learned what it reveals deeper insights about the other person & the type of emotional wounds they are carrying. This is very valuable information to have in dealing with this person effectively in the future. Isn’t it powerful to have better people’s skills in your every day life not only in your personal environment but work environment as well?


What Jealous People Do


I have experienced when people share their accomplishments, travels or life blessings there are some, out of their jealousy, that attempt to “out do” the other person with their own stories on whatever the subject is. The conversation quickly shifts to being all about them. This is a classic example of insecurity in a person & a level of selfishness resulting from spiritual immaturity. Notice if you do this to other people when they verbalize their good fortunes or achievements.


Protecting Yourself from Jealousy from Others


Here are three steps I developed out of experience to protect yourself from jealousy from others:


1) Be prudent and discerning with whom you share things with about your life out of self-protection and self-preservation.


I have adopted this practice in my life with certain people. Some have said that I am “private.” I keep things to myself and don’t tell specific people what I am doing, what I have or what I am being. There are  underlying reasons for my actions, which I do not need to necessarily share, because those who project jealousy will deny their jealousy; However, because I know energy does not lie, their energy belies their true jealous feelings.

2) In addition, if you are aware of specific people in your life who have a pattern of getting jealous of you, limit your communications with them and/or the amount of details of that which you have achieved or are happy about. Or for some people, you may need to simply eliminate any such discourse with them. This is especially true if you an empath and you can sense when someone is jealous of you.
3) Become aware of when you are bragging and being boastful to others. If you are aware a person to whom you are communicating has a tendency to get jealous, you are being unkind and insensitive to inflame their weakness. If you know someone has not overcome or healed their jealous aspects, be loving and compassionate in this regard and don’t “rub it in.”
4) Have your ego step aside and use your intuitive judgement in case by case situations to determine how you shall proceed when jealousy from others rears its ugly head and what you shall share with them for the most peaceful resolution. A peaceful resolution is always the most optimal rather than being antagonizing. This is what is important to the Universe, not who is right.
This may sound sad that you may not be able to share your triumphs and victories openly with those closest to you. Hopefully, you will have one or two special people in your life that you can do this with.
Else, you can do as I do. I celebrate many of my successes with myself and the Universe only. This is usually done through a celebratory toast to myself at dinner. Else you can buy yourself a meaningful gift or treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be large or expensive. These are your personal symbolic gestures of recognition. This is the divine attribute of self-referral, where you give yourself what you expect or want from others.
4) It is recommended to do a protection of your energy field before any such interactions where you think you may encounter jealousy. There are many techniques for this. One is  visualization exercise of imagining white light coming from Divine Source and insulating your energy field. Also layer this with w protective, cleared and charged crystals such as black obsidian and hematite.  You can wear them or have them close to you in your personal space. The closer the better as they radiate a powerful, energy field to help you.
You can listen to a free powerful meditation I channeled from the Angelic Realm to vitalize & align your chakras, cleanse, protect & seal your energy field at:
The Light Carriers
Of course, not everyone is the jealous type. There are a few who are authentically happy and support others’ life achievements & celebrate genuinely with them. They have learned to transcend their jealousy either in this life time or other life times. For them I am very thankful. They are the light carriers for True Grace, Friendship and Love. They demonstrate to us one of the highest echelons of human behavior and spiritual evolution.
Our Uniqueness
If we can just remember not to compare ourselves and compete with others, we all would be better served. We each have our unique life path, divinely determined. We are all born with different genes, physical, mental and emotional characteristics, aptitudes and talents. We each have a unique set of learning parameters for this incarnation. It is not a one size fits all. That is the beauty of this world. 

A good, simple daily affirmation to help reprogram your thoughts in this regard is “I embrace my uniqueness and life path.”


My Role as a Teacher


For me personally, I know there is a reason I have experienced jealousy, whether I have been on the receiving end or the projector of. The reason is for me to share with others my learnings from these experiences so their road is less bumpy. Hopefully through my sharings and techniques I shared above, others will not have to struggle like I did or their struggles will be alleviated or eliminated. So be it !


I teach private workshops for individuals, small or large groups by webinar and live on how to protect, shield and insulate your energetic field from such energy discharges like jealousy. Learn more about these workshops and other valuable spiritual/metaphysical practices at:



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