7/13/16 Channeled Message: Galileo-In Spirt: This is a Great Time & More

7-13-16 Galileo

Katibe: Please, Galileo in-spirit, share that which is important for me to disseminate to others. I have heard your name telepathically almost daily over the past two months. I feel you wish to connect through me….

6/30 & 7/4/15: Energy & Psychic Procedures: For Heart Chakra & Kundalini

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Welcome! I share these two experiences recently where I had a psychic procedure done and the energetic process of kundalini. I share my experiences for the following reasons: – To teach about the process of trance…

4/28/15 Trance Channeling #4 with Video: Aristotle: New Age-Power of Prayer & Heartspace

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Watch Katy Simmone trance channel Aristotle. She channeled his inspirational┬ámessage to humanity about the New Age & the importance of prayer and the heart space.┬áKaty was just recovering from a cold and also had to do…