1/21/16 Channeled Poetry: The Celestial Skies & the Channeling Process

“Channeling words you don’t consciously know the meaning of is a clear, definitive sign your channeling is genuine and not made up or imagined…”   

The Celestial Skies (Channeled Poetry)

Celestial skies of power and grace

Wherein lies answers for the human race

Stars, moons, planets, suns,

Space maelstroms

Woven together, intricate in design

A luminescent tapestry, ultrafine

Creations of light, sound and energy galore

Mesmerizing in their beauty and splendor

Resources for us in infinity’s span

Pure intentions of the Universal Plan

From the dawn of early time

Their secrets were predestined

We shall learn as we ascend

Their ultimate meanings and what that portends

And how it has all been gifted to us

Upon our Higher Selves requests.

~Katy Simmone, channeled 1/21/16



I like to share my psychic experiences so you can learn from them as well.  One of my life functions is to be a teacher.  Hopefully, in understanding how I channel and receive information from beyond, you will become more aware when you do as well. I have heard clearly telepathically that I am meant to teach people how to channel.

This was my first attempt at channeled poetry.  I have been hearing telepathically to “write poetry” these past six months. So here it is.

I did have some insecurity and reluctance in sharing it publicly because I have no clue on a conscious level anything about poetry besides the very, very basics and cannot even begin to evaluate the quality of this poem. I am such a novice on that in this lifetime.  In my 3-D earthly life during this current incarnation, I have never written poetry except when I was younger for the few times in English school assignments.

I have heard telepathically in another lifetime I wrote haikus, which is a form of Japanese poetry. Wow! Human beings are complex!

I overcame my insecurity and shared my first poetry piece as I thought I could teach people a few worthwhile things about my experience with it and that was VERY important to do.

Message on The Arcturians

During the week of 1/11/16 I received a message  telepathically in my own thought voice one evening in bed late at night before sleeping about the Arturians.  Human beings may consider them extraterrestrials.  The term I have heard telepathically to use is “ultra-high frequency Being. ” The message stated the following, which I am paraphrasing:

  1. The Arcturians are very high vibrational, an advanced evolved species.
  2. In writing poetry, I will be creating a channel with the Arcturians.

A few other lines about the Arcturians were shared but to be honest, I didn’t recall them. It was nothing earth-shattering.  It was the most information I received about the Arcturians at one time.  For that I am thankful.

Since my spiritual awakening I have heard telepathically that I am an Arcturian as well though I don’t have any conscious knowledge of this.  I have asked telepathically to be shown their planet and to meet my Arcturian relatives in meditations or in my out of body experiences  but that hasn’t happened yet.  I have detached from this expectation and know I am on a need to know basis for my own good.

Therefore based on this message I received, I will make some additional attempts at writing poetry to create this channel with the Arcturians. Time will tell, and I will share any new developments on this blog with my readers.

Telepathically at the start of this poetry session on 1/21/16 Thursday in the afternoon, I heard telepathically the word “syncopate” twice. I didn’t know what this word meant.  I didn’t think to stop and research its definition at the time either.

As I channeled the poem, I spontaneously started reciting my poem in progress out loud as I wrote it a few times.  I don’t know why I did that. But as I did that, I noticed that the poem flowed differently and sounded better when I recited it with different emphasis on certain words or with a certain lilt.

Validation of Genuine Channeling

I Googled the word “syncopate”  the next day.  It meant to” to shorten a word by dropping sounds… in music, to place on beats that are accented…a shifting of the normal accent. ” That explained why I spontaneously read the poem out loud in that way as part of my creative process!  I sensed or knew through my psychic senses to do this without knowing consciously! Isn’t that amazing! This is a great example of being a natural, spontaneous channel.  I am sure many of you channel like this during the day, naturally and spontaneously as well.

The  words “maelstroms” and “splendor” I know were directly telepathically channeled that were used in the poem. I didn’t know what “maelstrom” was and had to Google it after I received it.

Channeling words you don’t consciously know the meaning of is a clear, definitive sign your channeling is genuine and not made up or imagined.

My Invitation

I invited Maya Angelo and Walt Whitman, two famous poets in spirit, for help during the writing of this poem. To be honest, I did not sense their presences strongly.  I did not receive any clairvoyant images of them either in my Third Eye. However,  I trusted and had faith they were there and engaged with me on more subtle levels. Also, I feel my Higher Self participated.

Channeled Poetry Process

I sensed, as well, strongly, through my psychic sense of clairsentience, that the words of the  poem did not have to rhyme. On a human consciousness level I was thinking that they should rhyme.  But what I sensed as I was channeling the poem was that as long as the words were fluid and had a rhythm that was all that was necessary. Sensing that providing me with relief and comfort and took the pressure off of coming up with rhyming words.

I spontaneously starting rocking back and forth in my chair during the process of writing this poem which to me, is a sign of some sort of paranormal activity happening within my system, because of its unusualness. One spiritual teacher told me that rocking represented an extraordinary amount of energy going through the body.

Enjoy! Please share!


Katy Simmone

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